Hawaii just became the first U. S. state to ban plastic bags at checkout counters

As of July 1st grocery stores across the entire state of Hawaii (Honolulu County joined three other Hawaiian counties and made the ban nation-wide) are prohibited from distributing non-biodegradable plastic bags as well as paper bags that are not at least 40 percent recycled. Instead, retailers can provide their customers with reusable bags, compostable plastic bags (identified by compostable logo) and recyclable paper bags. Excluded from the ban, among others, are small plastic bags for veggies and fruit, frozen food bags, bags for prepared foods, pharmacy bags, pesticide and chemical bags.

Apart from Hawaii, California is the first to ban plastic bags at the state level, but there are also several major cities in the U.S. where plastic bags are not welcome – with San Francisco being the first major U.S. city to ban plastic bags in 2007, followed by Los Angeles earlier this year. The Americans seem to grow increasingly aware of the impact plastic has on our environment, especially the oceans and delicate ocean life.

Even if you don't live in an area where plastic bags are banned, we wholeheartedly encourage you to use biodegradable, reusable bags, which are made of more environmentally friendly materials. Today there are plenty to choose from, but the most practical are probably the reusable carrier bags, which can be folded into various shapes. They are eco-friendly, convenient, durable and very practical for daily use. You can hang them on your keyring, so they are always within reach.

It doesn't take much – get active and contribute to keeping our environment safe!

July 6, 2015 Living photo: youtube

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