At the check-in guests are welcomed by a creepy dinosaur, a beautiful female humanoid, and a small, friendly android. The Henn-na Hotel is said to be one of the first hotels in the world to use facial recognition instead of keys or room entry cards.

Usually, people highly appreciate good personal service, but here there will be 10 life-like robots catering to your every need. They were actually designed to look very human, so they even appear to breathe, they can blink and they are able to make the very important eye contact with the customer. English-speaking guests are welcomed by the animatronic dinosaur robot, while the humanoid robots were created multilingual and can speak no less than four languages – Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English.

Guests are invited to order room service in one of the 72 available hotel rooms via a tablet computer. Each room is equipped with a small robot that is - just like Siri – able to answer your questions about the current time or weather. The room temperature is controlled and adjusted by a system that detects guests' body heat and creates optimal living conditions.

Staff robots, created by the Kokoro company, are also designed to clean the rooms, carry luggage (an automated trolley delivers luggage to the room) and, of course, greet guests at the reception; robots, however, are unable to take care of security or make the beds. Despite robots can do almost anything, there is human staff available at all times to ensure personal service without any complications.

Hideo Sawada, who runs the hotel, told the Associated Press the use of robots is a "serious effort to utilise technology and improve efficiency while saving on labour costs." He added, he hopes hopes the robots will carry out 90 per cent of tasks normally completed by humans.

The hotel opened in Nagasaki yesterday, on July 16, and it's on its way to becoming another major attraction in Japan, world-known for advanced robotic technology. A single room will cost you 51 EUR per night, while a twin room will go for 65 EUR, which is very affordable, when you realize you're staying at a true state-of-the-art, modern hotel.

Welcome to the future!

July 17, 2015 Living photo: Henn-na hotel

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