It looks like a regular bike. But it's not.


Using the quote from the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery as their 'punch line',  explains pretty much everything: What is essential is invisible to the eye. And the same goes for the Freygeist e-bike.

All the most important things telling this bike from all the others are cleverly hidden. The battery rests completely unseen in the down tube (it's not a novelty to have a battery placed in the tube, but no one so far managed to hide it so well!) while the charging socket lies in the stem. The motor is integrated into the rear hub. And then there's another thing the creators bet on, which is equally invisible to the eye, but feels up the entire human heart - the passion for the bicycle.

According to the German startup Freygeist Lightweight E-Bike philosophy, the electric bike should look and feel more like the classic, regular pedal bike. And indeed, the Freygeist e-bike's power is practically invisible, and you won't know what exactly it is that you're driving until the electric drive starts. 

The aluminum-framed e-bike with lacquered, carbon forks only weighs 12 kilograms and uses a 33V, 337-Wh Panasonic lithium-ion battery, providing juice for the rear hub motor that is able to produce 250 watts of continuous power and 500 watts of maximum power. The battery is not a removable one, so you need to bring the e-bike close to the outlet in order to connect the charger to the port. Charging the battery from an 220V outlet will take approximately three to four hours.

With this 10-speed e-bike you can reach a (engine-supported) top speed of 25 km/h and a range of 100 kilometers.

The Freygeist Classic is available for €3,990.00 here and ships in 21 days.

Jan. 29, 2016 Living photo: Gizmag/Freygeist Lightweight E-Bike

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