Urban gardening, bee hives thriving on terraces way up high on the rooftops of city's vibrant buildings, massive green parks, and an abundance of vegan restaurants, upcycling stores and markets with locally, ecologically grown vegetables. The people of Berlin love living green and judged by the many projects, oriented towards a greener tomorrow, the city is undoubtedly entering a promising environmentally friendly future.


Hiking around Berlin, one must make a pit stop in Prenzlauer Berg with the largest organic supermarket in Europe. Ecologically healthy foods, natural cosmetics, contaminant-free clothing ... With estimated 18,000 products in total, this is the place that offers over 200 varieties of organic wine and 180 kinds of cheese.

Kastanienallee is a lively street, bound to attract every tourist's attention. It has a reputation of (once) being a highly fashionable street, but today the usual eco-conscious visitor will look for a unique designer store, called Upcycling deluxe, where old, worn-out objects get their second chance.

Would-be trash, like useless tires, become designer belts and bags, paper turns into wallets, coffee bags into caps, furniture is being revamped – and there is more, so much more to explore, buy and take home with a clean conscience. »Upcycling is a new sustainable trend that by means of creativity and skillfulness creates something new and unique out of worthless things. Our network of partners unites 50 designers and manufacturers from all over the world. We already offer over 1,500 local, exclusive items, since we ourselves are also very creative and feel it would be a tremendous waste to throw away anything that can still be given a new purpose, « proudly describe the Upcycling deluxe founders Eric Pieper and Stanislaus Teichmann. »Our customers embraced the new trend with awe. They appreciate fair and sustainable production, finding that the items are of great quality and lovely to look at. At the same time they realize the uselessness of the materials we use has completely faded away.« Were there any doubts left as to Berlin entering a refreshingly green future, all of them have just been cast away.

Read more about the green Berlin in our new issue of Plugin magazine.

Nov. 25, 2015 Living photo: Upcycling Deluxe

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