Hermit House allows users to customize and build their own micro house.


Dutch duo Daniel Venneman and Mark van der Net have created an open source home kit that allows DIY advocates to build and customize their own micro house. Design houses use the cutting edge production techniques of mass-customization to realize romantic and affordable retreats into nature.

The unique concept allows for an easy installation, as these 'out of the box' buildings can be set up and constructed in only two days. There are four models, from 14 to 19 square meter, offering a kitchenette and a bathroom with shower and compost toilet. All with integrated installations like a water heater, solar system, lighting and water tanks. Clever tricks like the folding wall bed and desk combination maximize usable space,

Special 3d software in combination with the optimized building system allows for custom designs at minimum costs. The Hermit Houses will be one of the first to bring mass-customization to architecture.

Dec. 22, 2015 Living photo: Hermit House

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