The Kameha Grand Hotel in Zürich brings the space station experience down to earth. For public, who can afford $2000 a night.


German photographer and designer Michael Najjar has created the Space Suite for any space enthusiast. It's not just a regulary hotel room - night galaxy getaway package also includes 1.5 hours of body flying and an hour of flight simulation on an A320. Sounds interesting? 

1,240 square feet room is furnished with a king size bed which is antilevered out from one wall to give the illusion that it is floating, there is space glove mounted to the wall where guests can keep their phones, keys and wallets and ceiling lights that resemble rocket engines.

Do you need more to feel like in space station? If so, a female voice inspired by John Carpenter's science fiction film 'Dark Star' will welcome you in 8 different variations, there are tiny black stars on a white ground and much more. The Space Suite was launched in October,  too bad that the room is located just five floors above ground.

Oct. 28, 2015 Living photo: The Kameha Grand Hotel

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