From Rawlemon, a Barcelona-based company working in the field of solar energy, comes a wonderful spherical wonder that might change the aesthetics of harvesting solar energy.


Team at Rawlemon believes that energy should be produced where people actually live - meaning, near our homes in our cities. But to do so, we don't need to have our window views blocked by enormous, cold, robotic-looking apparatuses. The solution can be very pleasing to the eye, as Rawlemon already demonstrated with their solar projects, successfully funded on Indiegogo.

They offer various products, but today we'd like you to meet Beta.ray 1.00. It's an easy to transport and install outdoor generator with a patent pending micro dual axis tracking unit for full environmental integration, with the lowest possible weather impact. It comes equipped with a hybrid collector to convert daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time.

The beautiful photovoltaic sphere was created by Andre Broessel, a German architect who got inspired by his daughter's toy marbles. The generator uses a spherical lens, a giant transparent lemon-shaped orb made of water-filled Acrylic-Polymer, in order to concentrate sunlight on a small photovoltaic panel together with a dual-axis pivot, tracking the sun's celestial movement.

According to Rawlemon, Beta.ray 1.00 operates at efficiency levels of nearly 57% in hybrid mode. At nighttime the Ball Lens can transform into a high-power lamp to illuminate your location, using a few LED's. The station is designed for off grid conditions as well as to supplement buildings' consumption of electricity and thermal circuits like hot water.

With Rawlemon's products being 99% transparent, the company's slogan couldn't be more appropriate: "The future is not green, it's transparent."

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator from Rawlemon on Vimeo.

May 12, 2016 Living photo: Rawlemon

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