The Copenhagen L&M Gate Project hasn't been built yet, but the spectacular new harbor entrance promises unforgettable views once it's completed.

In 2008, the international design competition "The LM Project" was won by the Steven Holl Architects, however the construction was delayed due to the global economic recession, according to the firm. Current plans indicate that construction should start in 2016/17 »if rental efforts are progressing satisfactorily.«

The L&M pair of skyscrapers include two majestic towers linked by two pedestrian and cycle bridges at two orientations. The gates are to represent (and act as) a gateway, a new harbour entrance into the 'wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen'. According to the architects, the Langelinie tower or the so-called Gate L will overlook the sea, while the Marmormolen tower or Gate M will connect back to the historical city.

The two buildings, furnished with cafes, galleries and restaurants as well as office space and hotel accommodations, will be joined with a public walkway, boasting a 165 meter span at a height of 65 meters above the water surface, allowing cruise ships to pass underneath. Each tower is to carry its own cable-stay bridge between the two piers.

The positioning of the buildings and the site geometry joins the bridges in a way to make it look as if they were making »a handshake over the harbor«. The amazing 624,500 sq ft structure is intended to »form an iconic landmark for Copenhagen's waterfront«, which it clearly will.

Jan. 30, 2016 Living photo: STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECTS

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