Robert Bezeau is trying to raise awarness, saying developed countries must organize, unite, and educate the developing countries, and give them an incentive to pick-up and reuse the plastic bottles already discarded to help out planet.

Humans consume 1.9 billion servings in plastic bottles a day, Mr Bezeau wrote on his GoFundMe page. Where does all of that plastic go? Where does it end up?

He says plastic bottles can be re-used to serve various purposes, so they can be used for home insulation, building rapid temporary shelters after disasters, buildings for animal's on farms, swimming pools, water catchment tanks, septic tanks, agriculture water ways (land drainage) or commercial warehouse construction and many other things, even roads.

He came up with a concept of The Plastic Bottle Village, where all the homes are constructed from recycled plastic bottles. His project, located on Isla Colón in Panama's Bocas del Toro province, sees building the village in three phases. Phase one has already begun in late 2015, with the construction of the community's first, simple single story two bedroom home out of more than 10,000 plastic bottles. There will be two types of lots available - 83 acres of hilltop partial ocean view lots and secluded jungle lots with 120 homes.

The plastic bottles are used as the main insulation, allowing the homes to have interirors about 17°C cooler than the temperatures outside. Homes at The Village are sold complete upon request, and they all come equipped with septic tank system, piped water catchment gutters, plumbing, electrical, standard windows, and doors and an exterior sidewalk.

If you wish to find out more information about the project, visit Plastic Bottle Village. To get more details on the fundraising campaign, click on GoFundMe - Mr Bezeau is trying to raise funds in order to secure land, build infrastructures such as dormitories, cafeteria, training center, tools, equipment, and inland transportation.

June 14, 2016 Living photo: Plastic Bottle Village

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