We finally have the winners for the best Slovenian restaurants in 2017.


Chef Ana Roš of the Hiša Franko restaurant in the western town of Kobarid has put Slovenian cuisine on the map by becoming the World's Best Female Chef this year. The awards ceremony will coincide with that of the World's 50 Best Restaurants, which will take place in Melbourne, Australia on the 5th of April. But Ana got another title last night. Hiša Franko has been named the best fine-dining establishment in Slovenia.

As part of the selection of the best restaurants in Slovenia - The Slovenia Restaurant Awards sponsored by Diners Club in 2017 an awards ceremony was held at at Fužine Castle in Ljubljana where the regional winners and the winner of the expert committee were announced. After many months of preperations with the expert commitee, a two month voting process from Chefs&Foodies, the Academy and a people's vote we finally have the winners for the best Slovenian restaurants in 2017.

A total of 140 Slovenian restaurants were in the running for the awards, but the restaurants that received the prestegious title of best restaurant in Slovenia in their region are Vila Podvin for North, Ošterija Debeluh for South, Gostilna Rajh for East, Hiša Franko for West and Restavracija Strelec for the Ljubljana and Central Slovenia region. The other finalist got the an awards for best in class regional restaurant.

The winner, Hiša Franko, is described as a "cosy family restaurant, located in an idyllic rural setting overlooking the lush Soča Valley", which attracts customers from across the globe to sample Roš's unique five- and nine-course tasting menus. "It means a lot. I am self-taught and come from a small country that not many people know has a quite a nice culinary tradition. To come where I am now took a lot of personal and business sacrifice. So acknowledgements like this prove that I am on the right path and keep pushing me, my family and the community around us forward. But – it did come as a big surprise. I was pretty silent for the first week. I find it a huge responsibility," explained Ana for the-slovenia.com. 

March 22, 2017 Living photo: The Slovenia

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