According to the International Trade Commission, the United States is now banning imports of hoverboards, however not due to safety hazards. 

It is actually due to Segway, provider of electric personal transportation, and DEKA Research and Development Corporation (DEKA) filing a complaint with the ITC back in September 2014 urging them to "stop the importation of products that infringe the patents and copyrights that protect the two-wheel Segway® Personal Transporter (PT)."

The complaint read: "In recent years, there has been an influx of low quality two-wheel personal transporters built on the intellectual property developed by DEKA and Segway. If this influx is allowed to continue, this iconic American product and the U.S. jobs dependent on it will be threatened."

In a press release, Segway announced on March 14 that ITC ruled in its favor and "has issued a General Exclusion Order, a Limited Exclusion Order and a Cease and Desist Order in connection with products imported by a number of companies because they infringe certain patents and a copyright covering Segway's Personal Transporter (PT)." Among the companies named by the ITC were UPTECH, U.P. Technology, U.P. Robotics, FreeGo China, Ecoboomer and Roboscooters - all of which are no longer allowed to be imported into the the U.S. 

However pleased Segway may be, they are not as victorious as it may appear. The demand for self-balancing scooters has been quite low lately, as they are reportedly quite likely to spontaneously combust, and potentially endanger human lives. Perhaps Segway would in fact be a winner in this matter if it offered a brand new, safer, cooler product?

March 23, 2016 Living photo: Segway

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