Owners of eco-friendly cars in the UK fear they would need to spend just as much money for recharging as diesel car owners do for refueling. Since this is a fact that may easily put potential EV buyers off purchasing the green alternative cars, the UK government is introducing reforms that will prevent outrageous roadside pricing for electricity.

"We have seen some rapid chargers cost almost £7.50 for a half-hour charge. That strikes me as far too expensive and can almost bring costs up to a comparable level of running a diesel car. No one should be paying over the odds to charge an electric vehicle, otherwise the push towards green cars will fall at the first hurdle," said Quentin Willson, journalist and FairFuelUK campaign spokesman, in a statement for The Times.

While most existing owners charge their vehicles at home, over night, some people still feel a bit reluctant to buy an EV because they fear they might get stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty battery. And the latter are the ones that surely won't be convinced that going green is a smarter investment, if the roadside charging isn't available or is available, but the network isn't properly regulated. According to Zap Map, there are currently 4240 locations across the UK which have a public charging point installed, totaling at 6455 devices with 11853 connectors available (as of January 2017). However, different ways of registrating and non-uniform pricing structures make it all but appealing for newcomers to join the green ranks.

With the new reforms, which are expected to be introduced in 2017, the government wishes EV drivers to have "easier access to public charge points" and also to "set common standards for pricing and all public charge points", so EV owners can "recharge anywhere, anytime" with confidence. 

Jan. 3, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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