When your mum and dad are engineers with brilliant ideas, your van becomes your ideal mobile home for a life on the road!


Transforming a second-hand 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, a couple from England created a micro house on wheels for them and their family to travel together in style. But it wasn't only about making it comfortable to sleep, dine and rest on an adventurous vacation, they also planned to make it fun and spacious enough for when the family would have to stay inside on particularly rainy days.

The converted mobile home with electrical and heating system that cost less than $20,000 USD in total (including purchasing costs of the van itself), not only looks aboslutely lovely, but it's also planned with a very smart layout, allowing optimal use of small space. Note, for example, the stacked bunk beds and the practical chairs around the convenient dining table - the front two can be turned, so they either face the road ahead or become part of a 4-chair set up.

Since news about The Moving House was puicked up by various media, the family was swamped with requests for commission work. They say they will be accepting offering spaces later this year and that they expect to have a van for sale in Spring 2017.

You can follow Jack Richens on his Facebook profile or read more about the project at The Moving House, where you can also sign up to a mailing list for more information.

Jan. 25, 2017 Living photo: Tim Hall via The Moving House

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