Gmail account users can now opt for a new Google Chrome plugin, dubbed Dmail. The Chrome extension adds a "Send with Dmail" button, which enables you to set a specific time when the message will self-destruct. Like in a James Bond movie!

Sometimes you send emails you wish would be erased, after the recipient has read the content. You can ask the recipient to delete it, of course, but you can never be really sure, if s/he really pressed that delete button. If your life was easier knowing your emails were erased and gone to oblivion after being read (and you are also a Gmail user), then we have some good news for you! Google Chrome browser introduced a new plugin you can install yourself and make sure your emails self-destruct. It's called Dmail.

Once you install the Dmail extension, you will notice a new option available at the bottom of your new 'compose' message. You can turn this option off, but if you keep it on, you can set a specific time when the messages will self-destruct – in an hour, a day, a week, or never. Even if you choose the "never" option, you can later still change your mind and revoke access to any message sent with Dmail at any time, even after it's been read.

After the self-destruction takes place, email will no longer be available to the recipient – s/he will only be able to read a notice, saying that particular message is unavailable.

At the moment, this service works with emails sent within Gmail only – reportedly, there are still some problems with self-destructing mail, if it's sent to email addresses provided by other webmail clients.

July 27, 2015 Living photo: Dmail

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