To avoid unpleasant surprises on your electricity bill, this app lets you stay in control, informed and connected at all times!

If you support living green, you know that can't always be the cheaper way of life. In fact, it's often the more expensive solution, but it's doing your environment a favour in the long run. 

AGL is one of Australia's leading integrated energy companies and largest ASX listed owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation in the country. They developed an app that helps you live eco-consciously and cost-efficiently by keeping an eye on your energy consumption and making sure you are on track with your budget plans.

The app is called AGL energy mobile app and what it does, basically, is monitor electricity use and then compare consumption figures on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis - but you need to have a digital meter for that. You can track your electricity usage details and gas bills, view your account balance and pay your bills on the go. The app keeps you informed on various energy sources, used in your household, for example solar energy, gas and electricity from the grid.

This is the perfect way to calculate when to use your most energy-consuming appliances, like the dishwasher or the washing machine! 

March 29, 2016 Living photo: AGL / Screenshot via YouTube

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