We could watch it go all day long!

The video, created by the Japanese infrastructure company Kandenko, is entitled "Future with bright lights" and is one of the loveliest, soothing tech videos we've ever seen. Developed by Tokyo-based startup AgIC Inc., the silver ink circuit pen is shown as a means of bringing to life a 3D miniature paper town full of small paper houses with lit-up lights.

When you draw the lines with this pen and connect the circuits on the paper with the ink running through them, one could almost say we see a little magic happen - the LED bulbs light up and create a spectacular drawing experience right there on the paper!

You can draw anything you like - street lamps, houses, bridges - and you need no experience to do it. Your imagination is the only limit.

For $47.59, the circuit pen set can also be bought on Amazon, if you wish to try it out.

Nov. 6, 2016 Living photo: Amazon

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