ZEF Climactic Table looks pretty ordinary, but can do extra-ordinary things! 


When it gets really hot, we tend to avoid certain types of furniture. A leather couch, for example, may not be our first choice, when we wish to sit and cool down. A 100% polyester sofa, or plastic and steel patio chairs left out too long in the sun, also come to mind. But what if we had furniture, that would remain cool during the summer and warm during the winter, without using electrical energy?  

Experiments to create such clever furniture led to creation of the ZEF (Zero Energy Furniture) Climactic Table. It is made out of oak and aluminum. The interesting part is that it doesn't generate heat or cold itself - rather than that it soaks it up like a thermal sponge. It is impregnated with a phase-changing wax, enabling it to store heat or cold and then release it when the temperature changes.

The ZEF Team claims their table will lower your air-conditioning (cooling) costs by 30 per cent, and save even up to 60 per cent of electrical energy used for heating. Now that would make your electricity bill a joy to look at, wouldn't it? 

ZEF Climatic Table is not (yet) available for purchase.

July 23, 2015 Living photo: ZEF Climactic Table

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