Do you want to have some fun at your breakfast table? The Toasteroid offers some laughs as well as some delicious fresh toast to boost your mornings!

This smart little kitchen device makes toasts with awesome (toast) images and (toast) messages for a fun start of your day. Connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth, it will obey simple commands communicated through aToasteroid companion mobile app. It will dub as your weather forecaster, private messenger and a doodle pad. 

Once you have your app installed, you can choose from a wide variety of templates or just make something of your own - you can doodle, you can write - anything you fancy to make crunchy for your breakfast. "Call Mum"? "Pay the bills"? You can even set how dark your image or text should appear on toast.

Of course, one can also opt for a standard toasts to be made without the use of a smartphone. All that needs to be done to make a 'normal' toast is to push the start button on the side.

You can support Toasteroid by checking out their Kickstarter campaign. There are still 20 days to go, yet with over 1,600 backers and $151,000 pledged, the Toasteroid team has already reached its $150,000 goal.

Aug. 30, 2016 Living photo: Toasteroid

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