Go on to discover some interesting natural parks that are worth visiting and spending ideal escapes.

1. Zion, USA
If you are still young at heart and want explore more about nature and your connection, then Zion National Park can be the perfect destination for you. The place is located in the Utah region in the U.S. Earlier the place was under the native American's but now it has become a national monument due to the canyon's it has. The area has varied land diversification with the highest point of 2,660 meters and the lowest point at 1,117 meters. This makes the land a favourable place for hikers and rock climbers who can test their skills on this land.

2. Kruger, Africa
Kruger National Park occupies over 2 million hectares of land with a wide range of wildlife, archeological and historical sites. This park is sometimes referred to as the beauty of Africa. The wildlife experience earned at this beautiful wonderland is ranked as Africa's Best. Kruger National Park was established in the year 1898 in order to protect South Africa's wildlife. Since then, it has been known for being the leader in environmental management techniques in the world.

3. The Yellowstone National Park, USA
The Yellowstone National Park is situated in Northwest Wyoming. It is the oldest national park of USA and covers large area. Yellowstone National Park is the best destination for nature lovers. Here you can experience various shades of nature at one place such as hot springs, beautiful lakes, green forest ranges, geysers, awesome waterfalls, crayons and many more exciting views. Yellowstone National Park has almost 300 geysers and more than 100 types of wild birds and exotic vegetation. You can also enjoy various interesting outdoor activities along with natural sceneries such as fly fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, skiing,...

4. Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibija
Located in the Sossusvlei district of Namibia, the Namib-Naukluft National Park serves as a holiday retreat for the adventure lovers. The Park encompasses within the Nam Nau Habitat which also has other members such as the Namib Naukluft Lodge, the Namib Desert, Namib Mountains, and the Soft Adventure Camp. Another interesting fact would be that the Nam Nau Habitat borders the Namib Sand Sea, which has been recognized as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO in the year 2014.

5. Plitvice, Croatia
This National Park is densely forested such that it is easy to get lost in it. This wonderland is most head attracted millions over visitors from all over the world because of its beautiful lakes that are arranged in what is referred to as Cascades. These lakes occur from confluence from numerous small rivers as well as subterranean karst rivers. It is just amazing how these interconnected lakes are separated by dams from travertine that occur as a result of deposition by bacteria, algae and moss. Imagine sixteen lakes separated into lower and upper cluster that occurs from mountains.

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Oct. 27, 2016 Living photo: Ideal Escapes

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