Trinity je računalnik, ki nikdar ne bo ostal neopažen

Would you like for your powerful gaming computer to be noticed straight away by one and all? And, all that, without drilling any holes in its chassis, or making any similar modifications?

Trinity is the latest game machine from CYBER POWER which, rest assured, will be noticed, always and anywhere. The whole system is divided into three pods and connects through a central core. The computing processor (CPU) is in one, graphic cards in the other and hard drives in the third.

If the leading creators of Cyber Power are to be believed, such a unique layout is not there simply for visual attraction, but also as a practical design solution, preventing individual components from getting too warm, let alone overheating each other. The basic Trinity 100 has an AMD A10 processor, 8GB of RAM, GeForce GTX750Ti graphics/video card and a 120GB SSD (solid-state drive) storage combined with 1TB of conventional hard drive space. Other, superior, options of processing and graphic power are also available.

April 23, 2015 Living photo: CyberPower

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