Digitalization, humanitarianism and the arts have a lot to say to each other - visit Vienna Biennale from June till first of October 2017.


The vision of a digital humanism will be brought close to reality by the Vienna Biennale 2017. Under the motto Robots. Work. Our Future, creative spaces will open up for contemplating meaningful living and working and the sustainable use of robotics and artificial intelligence in the digital age. Contributions from the fields of art, design, and architecture will sketch out the joint potential of robots and human work as an opportunity to bring about humanely motivated positive change.

Three Biennale projects will introduce the diverse facets of and intersections between work, robotics, and automation: Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine (an exhibition of the MAK, the Vitra Design Museums, and the Design museum Gent) invites close encounters with the increasingly omnipresent species Robot, while How Will We Work? (an exhibition by the University of Applied Arts Vienna provides a critical glimpse of the often skeptical notions of automation and Industry 4.0). The StadtFabrik (City Factory), a cooperation project by the Vienna Business Agency with its creative center departure and the MAK researches three core aspects of work in the digital future with demonstrators across the city.

Check the calendar of tours, exhibitions and some other interesting events here.

June 28, 2017 Living photo: Vienna Bienale 2017

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