Volvo has taken an unusual approach to its appearance at the Los Angeles Motor Show as it will not bring any cars to the event.

They claim, that cars are changing as well as the automotive industry and the expectations of car users, so their appearance at the show reflects exactly those changes. For car buyers, today's automotive brand experience is more important than chrome, leather or horsepower, so visitors will be able to see in the center of the Volvo showroom the big sign "It's not a car" instead of the newest car model.

In addition to a central message, Volvo will also offer interactive presentations of connectivity services such as in car data delivery, car sharing schemes, Volvo 360c Volvo autonomous driving vision and similar. Volvo also believes in the strength of strategic partnerships that have been established with established players in the field of information technology such as Amazon, Google and Nvidia, as well as startup companies such as Luminar and Zenuity, which will also be presented in Los Angeles.

They will also present a new "Freedom to Move" movement, which advocates personal, safe and sustainable mobility. In this context, by the middle of the next decade, half of Volvo cars will be electrically powered, one-third will be autonomous, and more than five million direct relationships will be established with Volvo's customers.

Nov. 21, 2018 Living photo: Volvo

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