Tired of those 3D kitchen sketches on your computer and would rather take a walk around your kitchen-to-be plan, for real? These architects had a brilliant idea. Simple, yet very effective!


Architects from architecture studio Vardehaugen in Norway really are consumer-oriented. If you ever had the opportunity to work with an architect to develop your ideas about a new kitchen or a challenging tiny flat, you are probably well aware of those wonderful, highly detailed 3D project plans that show up on your computer screen. They look lovely, but they don't really generate that feeling you have when you walk into an actual room, or as they put it "bodily sensation of scale, or the notion of simply walking through a room, cannot be experienced through traditional 3D visualizations or scaled models." We fully agree.

So Vardehaugen decided to create a series of life-sized, 1:1 project drawings in their own backyard that allow for a much better comprehension of space. This way you can walk literally on your new living room project plan and experience the dimensions as they are.

It makes it easier for the customers – and architects as well – to visualize how something that hasn't even been built yet, will look like once finished. This solution also provides an opportunity to talk about concepts and alternative solutions.

The studio's website is currently under construction, but you'll be able to check it out soon. Until then, you can follow them on their Instagram profile!

Jan. 19, 2016 Living photo: Vardehaugen

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