Students from the AA Visiting School Slovenia created unusual concept to allow visitors to spend the night at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT).

Students were asked to come up with ideas to promote sustainable tourism at KSEVT, so they developed a projcet called KSEVT Hotel, where visitors can spend a night in 'levitation suit,' which is connected to a web of ropes and pulleys attached to the ceiling.

The KSEVT hotel offers two experiences. The individual version enables the researcher to spend the night in KSEVT by sleeping in a uniquely engineered levitation-suit, suspended in the central space of KSEVT. With the collective experience, a group of people is able to experience 3D sleeping as an extended feature of the exhibition, where a set of pyramid shaped cushions support your entire body in a custom 3D position while asleep.

The concept was first dreamed up last July during a three-week workshop and will hopefully promote 'nanotourism' in the area, which is defined as a participatory, locally-oriented alternative to traditional travel. Would you try it? 

May 21, 2015 Living photo: Ajda Schmidt

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