If you are anywhere near British Columbia's Fernie Alpine Resort, California's Homewood Mountain, Colorado's Winter Park Resort and Copper Mountain, Idaho's Schweitzer Mountain, New Jersey's Mountain Creek, Oregon's Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood Meadows, or Utah's Powder Mountain, Cape, customized autonomous drones (that are 'smart' enough not to crash into anything) will be able to make a movie out of you skiing downhill. Or skateboarding, if that's your thing.

With the help of GPS and mapping, Cape Productions' drones can keep up with you as long as their estimated 40 miles per hour speed is sufficient to track you. What makes 'a drone filmmaker' so interesting is the fact that you'll be able to see yourself from a usually quite impossible-to-shoot-by-yourself, various aerial angles in a professional 2-minute video that you can share on Facebook or other social media platforms.

The filming experience, including three runs, will cost you approximately $100-$200, depending on the resort.

Check the videos below to see what you're in for!

Nov. 3, 2015 Living

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