Gray Design, a Swedish design firm, unveiled a promising, powerful new collaboration with Ronn Motor Group (RMG), an automotive development company from Texas. Together they aim to offer one of a kind luxurious product combining the amazing performance and leisure of hyper cars and super yachts.


Every billionaire's new dream toy goes by the name of Fairwei. Oozing the highest levels of excellence all around, this colossal vessel calls for the ultimate relaxing experience. Its design was obviously inspired by golf, which is by default a game demanding precision and perfection – as is this 105 meters long, floating elegance itself.

With pleasant green areas, Fairwei creates an enhanced environment of relaxation and glamour along with an indoor swimming pool and spa division offering a soothing, refreshing experience to passengers on board. The interior is kept minimalistic with sublime, comforting shades of color and stylish crystal embellishments.

The two newly forged allies are about to announce the highly exclusive 2017 RMG all-wheel drive hyper-hybrid car called 'Bird of Prey', powered by Formula One electric drive technology, which will offer incredible 1,200 horsepower. In accordance with the recent Fairwei it will further develop high performance experience from sea to land and back to sea. The first delivery of the 'Bird of Prey' hyper car is expected in 2017.

June 12, 2015 Living photo: Profimedia

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