Designer Thomas Winship of Staffordshire University created a light and comfortable diving helmet, which is much easier to swim with and more compact than your usual heavy scubadiving equipment.


The ORB (Oxygen Rebreather) Scuba Diving Helmet was designed to recycle your own oxygen in order to breathe underwater. The concept is based on a modern technology called "rebreathing". Without having to worry about your breathing apparatus, oxygen levels and time left, you will now be able to relax more and enjoy your diving adventures in a new, enchaced way.

The helmet comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth that makes it possible to communicate with other divers and chat away in the underwater environment.

This incredible, stylish helmet is still in its development stages, but we do hope it soon becomes reality and enriches our diving experiences.

June 19, 2015 Living photo: ORB

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