At the moment, there are thousands of people stranded in Belgrade, Serbia. Chrisitan Herrera is going to build up kitchens and shelters for them and you can help him.


The temperatures in Serbia are still extremely low and many people have already died of hypothermia. "At the moment they are able to provide them with warm soups, but we can do more! The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to build a real, proper kitchen, where we could provide two meals per day (one warm meal) and effective shelter for the people to survive this harsh winter, especially the cold nights," explained Cristian Herrera, who already set up and now co-ordinates the kitchen of City Plaza Hotel in Greece. This is a squat in Athens hosting 380 refugees, 20 solidarities and providing two warm meals every day.  

The City Plaza Hotel is a place where people can start over, a place to wait, while trying to find out, where to go next. Hotel was abandoned for years, ever since the financial crisis started to plague Greece, and was recently taken over by activists during their efforts to accommodate refugees. "The situation in Plaza is quite stable. The whole operation is running smoothly, which allowes me to go to Serbia," said Herrera, who plans to travel to Serbia on his motorbike.

"There are some necessary investments to be made, like providing cooking utensils, carpets for the cold grounds and proper firewood. At the moment, the people are burning whatever they can find, such as plastic items and even car. The fumes coming from burning these materials are extremely toxic! I would like to do something similar to what we've done in Athens."

If you want to create a better world and help, you can donate here. Also - sharing is caring.

Feb. 23, 2017 Living photo: Christian Herrera

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