Of all the creative workspaces, this one promises the best adventure on the high seas.


If you can't imagine working in a closed office space and you really long for the kind of environment that will boost your creativity and productivity, Coboat might be quite a perfect solution. Unplug, detach from land, embrace the seven seas.

People today don't work like the previous generations did - hardly anyone works eight hours a day, not many people can afford the luxury of a free weekend. Successfully balancing demanding work, family life and relaxation is hard, often almost impossible. It's been a trend for years - new technologies have given way to project-based freelancing, where it doesn't matter, where your office is located. Let us correct that - where you don't even really need a traditional office. Your office can be anything, anywhere. This sustainably powered, 82-foot catamaran offers office space for up to 20 digital nomads, invited to collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play. Definitely something new and exciting!

An important goal of Coboat is keeping it sustainable. The four founders (James Abbott, Karsten Korr, Gerald Schombs, and Tommy Westlin) are determined to work towards zero carbon footprint, so the catamaran will be solar- and wind-powered. Drinking water is to be obtained through desalination. Coboat will offer internet connection via satellite, when on the open seas, however when it's sailing closer to land, it will connect to 3G and 4G networks

Coboat is terribly tempting, but spending time on it isn't exactly for every pocket - accommodation (including port fees), three meals per day, non-alcoholic beverages, access to internet andwater sport equipment would cost you 1,180 Euros (cca. $1,340) per week.

You can follow Coboat's adventures as they go on their blog.

June 10, 2016 Living photo: Coboat

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