Jhonathan Florez, a 32-year-old world-famous BASE jumper from Colombia, died on July 3 during parachute exercises in Engelberg, Switzerland. Reports following the initial investigation into the circumstances of his death confirmed that Florez's parachute was never deployed.

Florez was the holder of four Guinness world records for a single 2012 jump which collectively achieved the greatest horizontal distance flown in a wingsuit, the greatest absolute distance flown in a wingsuit, the highest ever wingsuit jump, and the longest duration wingsuit jump. In Switzerland he was training with his colleagues (who both landed safely) and preparing for an upcoming wingsuit competition event in China.

The 'BASE Fatality List' (maintained by Blincmagazine.com) records over 260 deaths for BASE jumping since April 1981. BASE jumping is said to be one of the most dangerous recreational activities, with a fatality and injury rate 43 times higher than parachuting from a plane.

July 7, 2015 Living photo: JhonathanFlorez.com

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