Too narrow, too wide, too tight... Finding your ideal footware can be a nightmare, but an Italian shoe maker Vibram thought of something ingenious called the Furoshiki shoe. A shoe that literally embraces your feet. With no laces.


The shoe was designed by a Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto and was named Furoshiki, inspired by the a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. before plastic bags took over the world, the Japanese used to wrap clothes, gifts, or other goods in Furoshiki and transport them in such 'packages'.

The shoes have no laces, so you just wrap them around your feet and fasten them with Velcro. You can even wear them without socks. 'The first ever wrapping sole' works well on any surface and is said to be very comfortable.

What will a pair of these light and colorful kicks cost you? 124 €. Quite a bit, but your feet will be grateful!

Aug. 30, 2015 Living photo: Furoshiki shoes

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