Analyze sperm fertility with new phone device. 

Check your swimmers with YO the first FDA cleared Smartphone based solution for testing your motile sperm. For $49.95 you can pre-order two tests, that enables men to keep a check on their reproductive health without having to go to the doctor. 'Yo' is a sperm monitoring device that attaches to your phone. The process is as simple as collecting a sample, mixing with liquefying powder, filling a slide with the mixture and inserting slide into the device attached to the phone.

The Yo Sperm test is developed by Medical Electronic Systems (MES) and works through an app and a microscope attachment that covers the phone's camera and flash. A smartphone-powered sperm analysis system will let you see the swimmers and count only the ones that are agile. Testing process takes minutes and can be done discreetly. Will you try?

Feb. 1, 2017 Living photo: YO

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