With the mesmerizing Luna, a Full Moon Lamp from ACORN Studio in Taiwan, your room has never looked more genuinely out of space than now!


You might not get all the answers about the Man on the Moon, but you can have your own celestial body in your home. Inspired by nature, Luna is a beautiful, realistic representation of the moon, set to amaze you and create a realxing, tranquil atmosphere in your personal space. Luna lamp is water and heat resistant, crashworthy and allows you to adjust the luminosity, ranging from LUX1 to LUX5. Luna is mainly made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex.

It is design decor that turns your space into a serene universe. The lamp, available in seven sizes, can keep you discrete company when you read, gently illuminate that special corner in your home, create romantic ambience or ignite your imagination and let you play with it. Every Luna comes with a cord, and a device to adjust luminosity - Luna M and smaller Lunas work with E27/28W/110V Halogen bulbs, while Luna L and larger models use E27/42W/110V Halogen bulbs. The smallest, XXS Luna is a little different, though - that one uses a LED bulb and a battery, can't have its luminosity adjusted and can't be hanged from a ceiling. 

Creators decided to start a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, which was very successful. Namely, their $40,000 flexible goal was not only reached - Luna turned into a fully-backed $758,824 project, supported by 3595 backers.

To order yours, follow ACORN Studio on their Facebook profile and YouTube channel. As creators say, let Luna illuminate your space, and your mind.

Feb. 22, 2017 Living photo: ACORN Studio

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