Is a box really just a box? Zappos says you should think out of the box. It's up to you what you make (out) of it. 


Beginning June 1, the online retailer Zappos will start shipping certain shoes in a very special shoe box. It was designed in-house by the Zappos team and is covered with numerous template designs that are printed on the inside of the box. Customers can then fold, cut or in any other way they can think of reuse the box to give it a completely new persona. The boxes can become creatively crafted objects such as a children's shoe sizer or a smartphone holder. 

But there's more to the idea than just reimagining of a shoe box. All the efforts are a part of the #ImNotABox campaign, which is set to inspire people to see themselves and the world with a new perspective. 

The first box (to inspire all others to follow) tells a story of a compassionate young boy that makes a home homeless man out of household materials, including his mom's Zappos box, the kitchen plant, paint from the garage, some of the shower curtain, his sister's blanket and more.

As the campaingers say, even the smallest gestures of kindness (with a little outside-of-the-box-thinking) remind us that we can have the greatest impact on others. And they ask you: what story will your box tell?

June 1, 2016 Living

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