Buzzing with joy like honey-bees in a modern hive!


A Sicilian city block has been transformed by OFL Architecture into a wonderful green space for every citizen, young and old, to enjoy. The urban garden is called Zighizaghi and is a multi-sensorial park in the Italian town Favara. It is filled with flowers, with music bringing together nature and the visitors.

The project aims at creating a welcoming place for all the inhabitants of Favara, while being perhaps a bit unusual, however sustainable and nature-friendly. The architects came up with a perfect combination of timber and vegetation, architecturally inspired by the hexaganal geometry of a bee hive.

The horizontal level (flooring) is constructed from modular wooden hexagons, which can be assembled into various configurations. Some are used for paving, while others dub as seating. The vertical level (the lighting systems) is composed of six fourteen-sided red prisms, designated Super Pods, made up of a luminous body and a loudspeaker, explained the designers.

Zighizaghi is an interactive urban oasis that managed to create a dynamic, vibrant environment out of a plain concrete jungle. 

July 15, 2016 Living photo: OFL Architecture

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