If you have not come across Zip World before - be ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Velocity is the "Nearest Thing to Flying"! Home to the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the world. 

Velocity has two pairs of zip lines. This adventure takes you on the Little Zipper to build your confidence before you journey up the quarry on our famous red trucks. Take in the stunning views from the Big Top of Velocity, out towards Anglesey with views of the Isle of Man on a clear day. Around every corner is evidence of an industrial past which our professional drivers bring to life and they will astound you with their knowledge and captivating stories. And then? You will descend down the Big Zipper over the quarry lake often reaching speeds well in excess of 100mph. 

Another one, Zip World Titan, brings you the largest Zip Zone in Europe, with over 8km of zip lines. It is the first of its kind, the only 4 person zip line in Europe, where riders fly down all three zip lines in unison of teams of 4, reaching speeds of up to 70mph over moor, mountain and mine.

Riders will be taken by vehicle to the start of the first zip line - the longest of the three, there is a short and scenic walk between the end and start of the next two zip lines. The last zip line returns riders back to the start at Llechwedd Slate Cavern, flying high over the buildings as you come in to land.

Zip World activities require a degree of physical fitness; however, if you can walk short distances (approx. 200m at Velocity and 500m partly uphill at Titan) you should be fine.

Zip World goes green
But this is not all - Zip World recognises what a beautiful world we live in and that we must take every step we can to look after it. "As the Zip World Team gets bigger with the addition of new sites and new adventures - if you have lost count that is eleven unique adventures at three stunning sites in North Wales - we realised we were using more and more precious fossil fuels travelling along the picturesque Adventure Highway between sites. We therefore decided to turn electric! Our transient management teams will now be ensuring your next adventure experience with us is not just the best, but that it has been delivered by environmentally friendly," explain the team. 

July 29, 2016 Living photo: Zip World

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