A fun and unique new way to play and interact with hundreds of your existing games and apps.

Meet ZKOO, the world's most responsive and accurate hand gesture tracking camera. With ZKOO, you can turn your Windows PC, Android Set Top Box, Tablet, and smart phones into fun and exciting motion gesture-controlled devices. ZKOO gives you the freedom to play and interact with your games and apps hands and touch-free.

It is fast, (extremely low latency), accurate, and robust gesture tracking captures your hand gestures from a distance of up to 10 feet. Simple gestures translate into "Air Touch" controls, allowing you to interact and play your existing mobile games and apps in a brand new way.

Use your hands to type words directly into the TV screen without a remote, keyboard, or mouse. Out of box, ZKOO allows you to control hundreds of existing Windows and Android games and apps without any modification.

Additionally, ZKOO works also with business applications, such as Powerpoint and to set it up, simply plug the supplied USB cable into your Windows PC (desktop, laptop, or PC Stick) or Android device. 

Dec. 28, 2015 Living photo: Kickstarter

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