What are cookies?

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain websites.

Cookies you might encouter on this site:

Cookie namePurposeLifetime
sessionid Session cookie 14 days
csrftoken Input form security 1 year
OAID  Advertising statistics and capping 1 year
OAGEO Advertising statistics and capping Session
OASCAP, OASCCAP, _OASCCAP[*] Ad delivery capping Session
OABLOCK, OACBLOCK, _OACBLOCK[*] Ad delivery capping 1 month
OACCAP Ad delivery capping 1 year
icanhascookie Cookie preferences Until browser closed,
with consent: 1 year,
without consent: 1 year

Third party cookies:

Cookie namePurposeLifetimeCompany
_utma Usage statistics 2 years Google Analytics (GA)
_utmb Usage statistics 30 minute Google Analytics (GA)
_utmc Usage statistics Session Google Analytics (GA)
_utmz Usage statistics 6 months Google Analytics (GA)
_ga Usage statistics 2 years Google Analytics (UA)
_gat, gat_* Usage statistics Session Google Analytics (UA)
UID Device type identification Unlimited iPROM d.o.o.
_iAdT Advertisment statistics Session iPROM d.o.o.
iprom_consent Cookie consent setting without consent: session,
with consent: unlimited
iPROM d.o.o.
Hm_adid Statistics 30 days Httpool d.o.o. (
httpool_nuggad_values Behavioral advertising 1 year Httpool d.o.o. (
d Behavioral advertising 6 months Httpool d.o.o. (
NGUserID Behavioral advertising Unlimited Httpool d.o.o. (
vt Štetje obiskovalcev in omejevanje prikazovanja oglasov 4 months Httpool d.o.o. (AdPlatform)
engcls Nadzor za prikazovanje oglasov 1 day Httpool d.o.o. (AdPlatform)
test_cookie Cookie consent setting 1 day Google (DoubleClick)
id Statistics 2 years Google (DoubleClick)
cc Cookie consent setting Unlimited Httpool d.o.o.
_drt_ Advertisment statistics and capping 12 hours or 1 day
if signed into a google account
Google (DoubleClick)
FLC, exchange_uid Advertisment statistics 1 year Google (DoubleClick)
__gads Advertisment statistics 2 years Google (DoubleClick)
vs,sasd, sasd2, TestCookie, x-smrt-d Advertisment statistics Session Smart AD d.o.o.
pdomid, TestIfCookieP, pbw, pid Advertisment statistics 11 months Smart AD d.o.o.
adsense*, AdSenseLocale Advertisment statistics Depends Google AdSense
SID, HSID Ad preferences Depends Google
NID Ad targeting 6 months Google
PREF Ad targeting 2 years Google
Pookie Advertising statistics 9 years Plista
XclaimCookie Ad efficiency measurement (Rewords) 1 year Avus d.o.o.
uuid2 Device type identification 3 months Appnexus
sess Cookie consent setting Session Appnexus
icu, anj, token, acb Ad statistics and capping 3 months Appnexus
Social networks
xs, sct, c_user, locale, s, lu, datr, made_write_conn, sid Social networking Depends Facebook
k, pid, guest_id, js Social networking Depends Twitter

The list is updated regularly.


When disabled, all 1st party cookies are removed, with the exception of "csrftoken" and "ichcookie" where your cookie preferences are stored. 3rd party cookies can be removed using links at the bottom of this page.

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