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In accordance with Slovenia's Copyright and Related Rights Act (henceforth the ZASP), the company AM Ljubljana, d. o. o. (henceforth the AML) is the sole holder of commercial copyrights, in the broadest possible sense as regards all content published at AML websites. Related texts, photos, drawings, animations, maps, applications, audio and video recordings, computer programs as well as similar such materials or any part of them are not allowed to be copied, transcribed, reproduced or otherwise redistributed for commercial purposes without a prior written consent of AML.

Pursuant to Articles 48, 49 and 51 of the ZASP, the reproduction or use of copyright materials is only authorised in the context of the provision of public information, namely for the purposes of education and illustration, argumentation and referral. However, the source (operating web link) together with the authorship of the work must be attributed. Article 50 of the ZASP also allows the reproduction and use of a limited number of copies for private, non-commercial, use.

Personal data protection

In accordance with Slovenia's Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia (henceforth the ZVOP), AM Ljubljana, d.o.o. ensures that it shall endeavour to fully protect the personal data of the users of its website. This means that the AML collects personal data only when the user conveys such data voluntarily and thus allows the gathering, saving and processing of their personal data.

The AML undertakes to safeguard such collected data and use it only for the period of time necessary to achieve the purpose for which such data has been collected. The AML shall not convey the personal data of users to any other person or legal entity.

Other enterprises, which may perform services on behalf AM Ljubljana, d.o.o., shall only be given access to such data as is necessary for them to perform said services. These enterprises shall likewise undertake not to misuse personal data, and employ it exclusively for the performance of their mandated work.

Disclaimer of liability

Although the AML undertakes the endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this web server, it makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of any data. All information and content consequently published on this website is thus solely of an informative nature; furthermore, the AML, its authors, creators and developers do not warrant or assume any responsibility or legal liability for the accuracy of the content available on this website, nor for any damage, loss of profit and/or non-material damage arising as a result of accessing and/or using AML websites, or their disrupted functioning and/or failure to function.

The nature of the Internet and AML's websites does not facilitate supervision over the content provided by other, third-party websites which may be accessible via links offered by AML's websites. Therefore, the AML assumes no liability as to content available to users via such links. AM Ljubljana, d.o.o. reserves the continued right to include or remove, or in any way amend, in part or in its entirety, the content of AML's websites, regardless of reason and without prior notice. Users alone are responsible for the efficient, proper protection against the dangers of internet browsing.


The AML, its authors, creators and developers of online content, published on AML websites, expect users to respect and comply to all legal provisions pertaining to personal and privacy protection acts, intelectual property laws, and copyright laws, in each case and each time valid and enforced at the moment of comitted offense.

All who fail to comply and display intentional misuse and/or abuse of these legal provisions, or any published content on AML websites, or AML websites themselves, thereby committing a crime, shall be held criminally liable and shall be prosecuted, according to law, for their criminal liabilities in addition to their compensation for the damages suffered by the infringee.

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