The UK classic car auction specialist, Historics at Brooklands, will have two electric oldies on sale on June 11. come to sale at Historics major summer auction at Brooklands Museum, Surrey, UK on Saturday, June 11. The first one is the 1906 Pope Waverley Victoria Phaeton and the second one is the 1907 Victor High Wheel Electric Runabout.


Both models are rare examples of the old times, when electric cars represented a good alternative to steam and internal combustion vehicles. There were over 100 manufacturers of cars powered by a battery in the early 20th century. It was only advances in the internal combustion engine and the mass production of cheaper petrol vehicles that ultimately put a stall to electric car movement.

The 1906 Pope Waverley Victoria Phaeton was sold at the time of its build in Nebraska for some $1,600, while today it is being offered by Historics at an estimate of £30,000-£40,000. The fully-restored convertible features a leather-lined hood, with the additional sumptuous comfort of complementary leg covers. Two passengers can be sitted on the floral print, button-back fabric 'bench' seat plus a rear-facing occasional seat. Steering is done by tiller and rudimentary but extremely effective controls to go and stop. The Pope Waverley was brought to the UK by the vendor some years ago, and is now equipped with modern technology batteries and charging system.

The 1907 Victor High Wheel Runabout was built in Indianapolis and has spent many years on display in an American Museum before they imported it to the UK. There it has been completely renovated and fitted with contemporary batteries and charging system. Thanks to the car's high driving position, the driver and the passengers can enjoy a superb view. It runs very silently, all the more so thanks to minimal solid tyre contact. The Victor is also equipped with a large bell on the driver's side so pedestrians are aware of its stately approach. What about the price? They expect to get at least £30,000-£40,000.

May 23, 2016 Driving photo: Newspress

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