With the official introduction of its plug-in hybrid drive to the 7 series, BMW is expanding its range into its highest class.


The news is not exactly new, since all three plug-in versions were less officially introduced together with the 7 series and when iPerformance line was announced last spring. But now the trio of standard wheelbase variant BMW 740e iPerformance and long wheelbase variants BMW 740Le iPerformance and all-wheel drive 740Le xDrive iPerformance is becoming a reality.

Basis of all three 7 series plug-ins is 1.998 ccm twin-turbo four-cylinder petrol engine with the maximum power of 190 kW, helped by the sinchronous electric engine, which brings additional 83 kW in equation of 240 kW system power. Electric motor, which is intergrated into 8-speed Steptronic transmission, takes its power from 9,2 kWh battery, with net capacity of 7.4 kWh, enough for 7 series plug-ins to have about 45 kilometers of electric range according to NEDC standard. Take off about one third and you will come to more realistic figures.

What about the price? It was not announced yet, but expect something close to 100.000 euros when it reaches first clients in october.

July 18, 2016 Driving photo: BMW

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