First car, that could use such system is going to be 530e iPerformance.

Comfort us everything within the car. That includes every aspect of driving, including fueling it. With electric cars, one can charge the batteries at home, during the night and gets to a fully charged car in the morning. You only need a charging cable and charger or socket. But what if you could be able to get home, park your car in front of the house or in a garage and just leave it, while it would automatically start charging itself?

Technology like this already exists and it is called induction charging. It has been around for a while now and after its announcement in the car world by Mercedes-Benz, BMW is now the second mayor car manufacturer with such technology. It is a part of so called NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy, by which BMW is developing new cars and technologies for sustainable mobility.

At first only available in Germany

Although, it is a new technology, retrofitting it to an existing car – at first it will only available for BMW 530e iPerformance – is not as big of a project as one my think. That is mainly because the whole system is made out of two pieces, induction charger called GroundPad and receiver bellow the car called CarPad. After the car, equipped with the system is parked above the pad – navigating it there is a fairly simple job thanks to wireless connection between two devices – and driver shuts down both engines, charging begins.

As mentioned before, from the beginning mentioned system will only be compatible with one car, owners of which will not even be able to buy the system. Instead, BMW will offer induction charger (at first) via lease. First users will get their hands on them this July, starting in Germany, then later in UK, USA, Japan and China.

May 29, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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