Maiden flight took place on 10th of April; more test flights are planned in the next few weeks.

Say hello to a new aircraft. It is called Sun Flyer 2 and it was built by American company called Bye Aerospace. While it looks like any other super light – it only weights 860 kilograms – airplane, it is actually driven by electricity. It is not really in commercial use yet, but this may soon change as the small aircraft has recently made its first flight and is on a good path to receive FAA certificate.

Historical flight was held at Centennial Airport (KAPA), south of Denver, Colorado and it was as smooth as possible, so it consequently filled the company with optimism. "We are excited about the future and the potential the Sun Flyer family of aircraft has to revolutionize general aviation, providing improved affordability and accessibility," said George Bye, Founder and CEO of Bye Aerospace.

"Lower operating costs are key to solving the student pilot drop-out rate, which is curtailing the successful attainment of badly needed airline pilots. The Sun Flyer 2's $3 hourly operating costs are 10 times lower than traditional piston-engine flight trainers, with no carbon emissions and significantly reduced noise," later continued Bye.

In the near future Sun Flyer 2 will be joined by a bigger, more spaceous version called Sun Flyer 4. Both of them will in a way be revolutionary as they will be the first U.S.-sponsored and FAA-approved electric airplanes made in USA and ready for usage in commercial aviation.

April 20, 2018 Driving photo: Bye Aerospace

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