from six to eight cars will take place in research at any given moment.

Level three of autonomous driving technology is, once it gets into production cars, going to become a major step forward in development of autonomous cars. It will allow drivers to actually move hands from steering wheels and let the car do the driving do the driving. In Europe, there is already a project, dedicated to development of this kind of technology and PSA is now a new partner that became a part of it.

From the beginning of April, French group will provide from six to eight vehicles at any given moment which will then go through intensive tests of autonomous driving on dual carriageways. By doing so, the group itself and also the project of which the main task is to recognize this type of transport as a safe way to get from point A to point B. To put the developing technology to a proper test, they are testing it in real life conditions.

While PSA – which is already offering level two of autonomous technology in several cars – is a new partner in a project, the project itself is actually already few years in. In fact, L3Pilot project is a four-years-long project, worth 68 million euros which, once finished, should present some hard data on safety of such systems and their usability.

April 4, 2019 Driving photo: PSA

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