A group of Hyundai's new fuell cell eletric vehicles manage to completely autonomously drove the 190 kilometer distance between South Korean capital Seoul and winter olympic venue in Pyeongchang.

Even before Hyundai was quite successfully doing autonomous test drives but they were mostly conducted on specially picked road stretches with limited speeds. This time it was different in the sense that autonomous cars for the first time were driven on open roads and highways reaching speeds up to legaly regulated top speed 110 kilometers per hour.

The experiment was condusted by three Hyundai Nexos, which of course were equiped with all the neccessary equipment allowing then autonomous drive. The sistem is based on video cameras, lidars, radars and 5G network. After starting the drive drivers were there only to push 'cruise' and 'set' buttons and then cars took drive in their hands and successfully drove to the destination with drivers there just to supervise them. All three cars were able to move according to traffic changes and even to change lanes, overtake and pass automatic toll stations.

It also became apparent that Hyundai's last generation fuell calle stacks can produce enough energy for powertrain and autonomous drive sytems which, at this stage, can stil be very energy demanding.

Feb. 14, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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