It will be on sale next to regular Defender with ordinary combustion engine.


Gone but not forgotten. That is what we could say about legendary Land Rover Defender. It is out of production for more than two year now, after being produced for more than 67 years. This year Land Rover is celebrating 70th anniversary of releasing Series I model and one of the highlights of celebration is going to be presentation of an entirely new generation of this legendary vehicle, first one after 25 years!

New 4x4 is going in to production in year 2019 and to spice things up, it will also be available as a pure, electrical vehicle. This news was first revealed by Australian web page and while the information is not yet official, it came supposedly came from a reliable source within the company. This source also revealed, that the car is going to be equipped with at least two electric while other details remain a secret.

Land Rover going electric is not a big surprise, considering the fact that it is connected with Jaguar, another British company, which is preparing itself for release of its first electric car, SUV I-Pace. Jaguar has also previously announced a plan of electrifying its whole fleet of cars, so it would be no surprise if this will also affect Land Rover.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Land Rover

Feb. 11, 2018 Driving photo: Land Rover

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