In reality though, mentioned number is going to be a bit smaller.


Modern hybrid cars and their power trains can in majority only make around 50 kilometers on a single charge. To be fair, this is enough for daily trips of majority of people, especially when they have access to an electric charger on their job site, where they may recharge their cars to get back home with no worries. However, for many people this is still not enough.

A solution is now coming from BMW. German car manufacturer has today revealed an updated version of a car, first revealed back in 2016, a BMW X1 xDrive25Le i Performance. In fact, BMW is claiming, that updated version may cover 110 kilometers on a single charge, albeit according to the old and dated NEDC cycle. In reality, we may expect around 80 kilometers of autonomy – still a decent upgrade, thanks to updates made with battery package.

Updated car is off course going to be equipped with a petrol engine. Nothing new here: under the hood there is going to be 1,5-liter three cylinder turbo engine, which promises a combine consumption (and with a help of EV engine) of 1,3 liters. Again, this consumption has been measured according to NEDC. In reality, we may expect similar consumption of 1,9 kilometers per 100 kilometers as with Series 2 Grand Tourer, which is also going to receive the same power plant. System output of the plant is going to reach 170 kilowatts.

There is a catch though. If you are among those, interested in buying the car, unless you are living in China, you will not be able to order it since BMW has decided to offer it exclusively on Chinese market. In Europe on the other hand, there is still going to be a Series 2 Grand Tourer with the same power plant.


March 22, 2019 Driving photo: BMW

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