Nissan and the esteemed international studio for architecture, engineering and design Foster + Partners introduced their visionary concept of future mobility, exploring how zero emission technology will influence cutting-edge urban design.


Project partners came up with the idea that the fuel station of the future could actually be the car itself. To illustrate exactly what they had in mind, they produced a short, two minute video that you can check out below. The video shows a snapshot of what's to expect from Nissan's vision for Intelligent Mobility - a world in which cars would be able to interact with their environment as populations adopt zero emission, Piloted Drive technologies.

The vision explains how vehicle-to-grid, battery storage, wireless charging, autonomous drive technology and over-the-air connectivity could jointly revolutionise the way energy is used and distributed across Europe's major cities. According to developers, more than half (54%) of the world's population already lives in cities and by 2050, seven out of every ten Europeans will live in urban areas. With this in mind it is easy to comprehend how imperative it is that the infrastructure is built and ready to use in order to support this growth.

March 3, 2016 Driving photo: Nissan

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