only seven days are remaining.

Volkswagen ID.3 is, like we are frequently stressing out, one of the most important cars to arrive on the market – not just for Volkswagen but for all of the industry, although Volkswagen is still a priority. It is Volkswagen's first car to be produced exclussively for ewlectric drivetrains to be put inside. And since the launch is behind is, now all it needs to be done is to start producing it and putting it on the market.

Only seven days are remaining until first ID.3s are going to be made as a part of serial production. And since the car is quite special, so is the factory at which is going to be made. Volkswagen has to meet all the needed requierments totally reconstructed a production site at Zwickau. Well, not really yet as the whole project is only going to be finished in 2021, when there is going to be some 330.000 cars leaving the factory each year with no less than 1.700 robots helping to achieve thw goal.

“Production start of the ID.3 ushers in a new era for Volkswagen – one comparable to the first Beetle or the first Golf. Zwickau will become the lead plant for this new era in the automotive industry: The plant is undergoing a phased conversion – from 100% internal combustion engines to 100 % electric drives. We are therefore initiating a system changeover in the automotive industry that will unfold over the next one or two decades”, said Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for E- Mobility.

Oct. 29, 2019 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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