One, where electric motor is going to be paired with an engine, runing on biofuel.


Porsche is, after the introduction of Mission E electric concept, becoming one of the key players in the world of electric cars. Their main goal, or so it looks is however not (just) develop an electric car but rather develop a clean source of energy. In order to do so, from recently, their focus is (also) pointed at biofuel, a source of fuel that could eventually replace regular petrol.

German car manufacturer is well aware though, that a few countries and car companies have already tried to produce cars, that run on biofuel (among more recent attempts was Toyota with Prius in South America). There are even countries that encourage using of biofuel and have already established norms and standards on how much ethanol must be used in a mix of petrol and ethanol.

The main reason for Porsche to be interested in such fuel is absence of nitro-oxides and other toxic exhaust when running a car on biofuel. Instead, the only two elements that such car produces are water and CO2, which on the other hand are key elements for growth of plants. In some way, according to Porsche, driving such cars will actually help the environment.

Jörg Kerner, Head of Powertrain Development, highlights another important point: "Sustainably produced fuels are a quick way to cut CO2 emissions from a company's existing fleet. Future stages of development will produce specially designed engines, which are able to harness the full potential of these fuels in terms of optimized emissions, CO2 and performance. In combination with plug-in technology, this will deliver a driving experience typical of Porsche while at the same time ticking every environmental box."

April 5, 2018 Driving photo: Porsche

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